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We are passionate about printing and our range of product consists of Self-Adhesive Labels, Foiling, Sachets, Shrink Sleeves, and Wraparounds.

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GM Graphix is a flexographic printing company situated in Alrode, Alberton and was established in 1989. We've been in existence for 30 years, and we are still growing. Our product range includes Self-Adhesive Labels, Foiling, Sachets, Shrink Sleeves, Wraps and lately also include Gift wrapping paper. Click on our products link to see more information regarding our product range.

We are passionate about the carbon footprint we leave behind. In January 2016, we installed a 25kWh solar system into our Alberton Factory and became the first Flexographic company in the world to run a flexographic printer on solar power. Since this installation, we have had a 41.45% saving on electricity kWh.

This saving resulted in us being rewarded with the Innovative Technology Reward from Phoseon Technologies for our innovative use of their LED Curing lights.


Our Products & Services


Self-Adhesive Labels

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Self-Adhesive labels are the most common form of branding for various product containers and have a wide spectrum of uses. We at GM Graphix pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality labels with vibrant and accurate colors for any type of application-specific label to our valued clients. The type of product and where it will be shelved is a crucial part of our quoting process to help our clients make the best and most affordable decision to give the label the maximum life span and quality that lasts.



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A sachet is a small sealed bag or packet containing a small amount of product. Sachets usually comprise of material made up of more than one layer to ensure that there is a barrier of protection between the contents of the sachet and either oxygen or light. An example of this material would be a 12/9/60 triplex lamination, in which case the material would consist of 12 microns Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), 9 microns Aluminium and 60 microns Polyethylene; where Aluminium is the barrier against light, oxygen and moisture. Many other options on the material are also available. Ask your GM Graphix sales representative what the right option would be for you.


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Wrap-Arounds are usually a plastic label that, unlike self-adhesive labels, does not have adhesive (glue) on the back. It does, however, receive a small strip of adhesive on one side, so when it does get wrapped around the container for which it is intended for, one side of the label sticks to the other allowing it to stay on the container. These are often found on two litre soda bottles as well as water bottles.



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Foiling is not a label as such, but rather a specialized effect that gives a metallic look to the label. This process is very good for shelf appeal as it makes a label stand out. Although we do offer metallic inks, nothing captures the true metal look as good as a foil. GM Graphix offers a variety of foils in different colors and we can do both hot and cold foiling. Ask your sales representative what the best option would be for your product. 


Shrink Sleeves

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Shrink Sleeves are made primarily from either PET or PVC. Unlike self-adhesive labels, the printing is done on the back side of the material. This is known as reverse printing, which is done to protect the ink from scuffing. After the material is printed, it gets put onto a sleeving machine where the sleeve is glued together (this process is known as welding), to give it its cylindrical shape to enable the end user to apply it to their container.

Sleeves are supplied to the end user either on a roll or individually. If the user does require the sleeves individually, another step is added to the process, named cut and stack. During the cut and stack process, the labels are individually cut by a machine.

The option of adding a perforation is also available for both roll or cut and stack products. 


Blister Foil

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Blister Foil is a foil that either gets attached to thermoformed plastic or folds into itself (in this case it would be called a clamshell). The best example of a blister pack would be pills that are dispensed in a plastic tray with the silver foil on back of the packet. The best example of a clamshell will be a headache tablet that is covered in foil on both sides.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

The GM Graphix Team

Awards & Achievements

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Hillsboro, Oregon (July 26, 2016) – GM Graphix, a premier flexographic printing company, was awarded the most innovative use of LED curing technology - for reducing carbon footprint while improving energy efficiency using solar power.

GM Graphix is the first flexographic company in the world to run a six-color flexographic press with LED curing technology powered by solar panels. The MPS 340 Flexographic press combining Paragon Inks and LED light sources from Phoseon Technology, uses 70% less energy to produce labels and has increased productivity by 75%.

The MPS press is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly printing press in South Africa.

According to Managing Director (Pieter Massyn) at GM Graphix, “The start-up time for the LED light sources is instant, saving us at least thirty minutes production time per day compared to mercury lamps. In addition, the inks are more stable and dry much faster with LED, so productivity increases and sharper color can be achieved.”



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GM Graphix is a flexographic printing company situated in Alrode, Alberton and was established in 1989.

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